Saturday, 29 April 2017

GATOSK PTC - Earn BITCOIN Free, Fast and Easy!

GATOSK PTC launches early May 2017. It pays in Bitcoin. Sign up early and invite your friends. Don't delay, join from this link right away:

Money Makes Money

But What if You Don’t Have Any?

A Company called GATOSK Could be Your Solution!


Make Money with Gatosk PTC

Without Paying Any Money From Your Pocket!


There are more ways to make money with Gatosk but, for now, we are looking only at the Pay-to-Click part of the business because it’s FREE to join.

Learn How You Could Earn Close to $150+ a month From PTC!  Possibly More!

The Gatosk paid-to-click platform is absolutely free to participate. Not only will you earn from your own PTC efforts, but you will also receive a 100% CASH payout CHECK MATCH BONUS on direct referrals.

That means, if you told let’s say, 5 friends who also wanted to make some money and they each earn $150 a month, you could earn an extra $750 on top of your own PTC income.

So, in that example if you also earned $150, your total for that month would be $900! …and you paid NOTHING to join Gatosk!

You can, of course, tell more than 5 friends and that will help to increase your own income.

When an advertiser places an ad for the PTC platform, it costs them between 4 and 8 cents for each click they receive to their advertisement (website, youtube, link, fanpage etc)

PTC participants (you and me and anybody you tell) receives 2 to 4 cents for each ad they click on.

Let’s say 1 click (PTC) takes 15 seconds

So 250 clicks (PTC’s) will take 250 x 15 = 3750 seconds = 62.5 minutes

Allow 90 minutes/day

2 cents x 250 = $5 x 30 days = $150

4 cents x 250 = $5 x 30 days = $300

So potential earnings can vary depending upon how much is paid per click.

This is a real company with real products and a combination of Free PTC, e-commerce, advertising and social media.

To know more please follow these instructions:

Register with Gatosk now. The PTC launches early May 2017 and pays in Bitcoin. 

Sign up early and invite your friends. Don't delay, join from this link right away:

Friday, 28 April 2017

Build Residual Income For Life With GATOSK

What Is Gatosk?

Gatosk is a full-service, multilingual ecommerce site that sells print-on-demand (POD) apparel and other high-demand merchandise through a direct selling channel. Freelance graphic designers and distributors drawn to this online POD store contribute to graphic designs, drive web traffic and refer consumers. People enjoy Gatosk for its incredible products, user interface and monetary value along with its unique compensation plan, the 1.5x Grid. Our network marketing plan has a solid foundation and is designed for part time work-at-home income generation. We maintain a friendly, creative work environment at Gatosk that respects multilingualism, ideas and hard work.

About Gatosk PTC Platform And The Opportunity To Earn As A Free Member

Gatosk is launching his PTC platform in which we will earn in average $7 to $10 USD daily with our own work. That is because there will be up to 250 ads to click on a daily basis and each of these clicks will pay between $0.02 to $0.04 per click. You don’t need to invest any money to be part of the PTC platform. But the best part about this business is you will also get paid 100% matching bonus on every earnings that your referrals get so if you have 10 referrals making $10 a day you can be making $100 daily from your referrals plus your own work. So with your own work, spending only 1 hour a day and without referrals you can make around $300 USD Monthly and with referrals your income would be unlimited or with 10 referrals around $3000 Monthly.

- 0.03 Cent per PTC Click
- Up 250 clicks daily
- Around $300 per month.
- 100% referrals click commission
- Different Payment methods available including Bitcoin

Example Of Earnings

Let’s say we choose to click 250 links per day. For how many ever links we click and view.. we get payouts for them.. we do not have to forcefully complete a certain amount of PTC links to be paid.

One small example: each PTC takes about 10-15 seconds to view and complete.. so with the 250 link example.. 250 * 15 = 2750 seconds.. round off to 3000 seconds / 60 = 50 mins .. so in 1 hr or 1 and half approx we complete 250 links earning $280 per month... So.. with ONLY 10 direct referrals who do EXACTLY 250 links daily... Then by the 100% matching bonus for PTC .. I get 10 * 280 = $2800 per month. This is only after I minus at least minimum $15 per month from my additional $280 per month I earn through my own 250 PTC links. So Overall from this example. I earn $2800 + $280 - $15 per month which is = $3065 per month...

Sign up at the link below and invite your friends before they invite you!

Other Ways To Earn In Gatosk Platform


Distributors earn direct sales commissions and personal volume (PV) when they sell Gatosk products directly to customers and/or make personal purchases. Direct sales, including print-on-demand (POD) apparel sales and other tangible product sales through your Gatosk store URL, are commissionable and result in personal volume (PV) points. Each product sale earns one 33% of the retail sale profit margin (RSPM). The RSPM of most apparel items is $6. You earn about $2 per POD apparel item sold through your store URL.


Creative digital artwork uploaded to our store and displayed on garments is commissionable. You may upload your own artwork to our store and let us do the rest of making sales with your artwork on products. This process is called monetization. By monetizing your artwork, you earn money passively.

Graphic designers earn money every time customers buy apparel items with their artwork on them. A graphic design commission is 33% of the retail sales profit margin (RSPM) every time. You earn about $2 per POD apparel item printed with your artwork when it is bought at our store.

You may earn both Direct Sales and Graphic Design Commissions when you sell apparel items with your artwork through your own Gatosk store URL. We provide graphic design training for graphic designers and distributors through Gatosk University.

Graphic designers love Gatosk because we do all the heavy lifting of advertising and making sales off their creative artwork. In a few easy clicks, you can create a sale-ready collection of graphic designs on Gatosk. There is no shop involved, especially no shop management—instead we market your graphic designs on products and you earn the money.


Earn up to $50 monthly per package subscription sale. When your team does the same, you earn up to $25monthly per package subscription sale made by your team!

Commissions on purchases of 1st referral’s, third referral’s, and the subsequent referrals’ 2nd referrals of 2nd referrals are coded to you forever.




Our 1.5x Grid is 15 levels deep. Distributors earn commissions from the odd levels (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on). Earn up to $1 monthly per member that spills over into your 1.5x Grid tree.

Your 1.5x Grid tree can take up to nearly 50,000 members; therefore you may earn up to $50,000 or more a month off Grid commissions alone.

The 1.5x Grid is 15 levels deep and accumulates a distributor’s Grid commissions or a customer’s store credits based on apparel sales and service package sales made by him/her or by his/her team.

33% of the retail sale profit margins (the difference between wholesale and retail prices) made by a distributor or his/her team becomes a part of his/her Grid commissions. A percentage of service package sales made by a distributor or his/her team also becomes a part of his/her Grid commissions.

5. 100% MATCHING BONUSES on Personally Sponsored Distributors
(and customers’ non-commissionable compensation)

Distributors match 100% of their personal referrals’ 1.5x15 Grid earnings! For example, if you refer two people, and one of them earns $375 and the other earns $50, you would receive $375 and $50. If your direct referral earns $1,000 in Grid commissions a month, you earn the same amount! If your direct referral earns $10,000 in Grid commissions a month, you earn the same amount! Personal referrals and depth are unlimited, meaning the possibilities are endless.

--> You match 100% of your personal referrals’ 1.5x15 Grid earnings.
--> Unlimited number of personal referrals.
--> Unlimited depth.

6. PTC (Pay-To-Click)

PTC allows one to earn money without referring and even with 0 investment (FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO EARN FOR FREE)

Our new Paid-To-Click feature, located in Gatosk's Advertising Campaign Center (ACC), will enable one to earn two to four cents per website he/she visits, per Facebook fan page he/she likes, per YouTube video he/she likes, per YouTube video he/she views, per YouTube channel he/she subscribes to or per Gatosk product he/she likes.


There are five qualification levels (i.e. ranks) for a Gatosk independent distributor to advance through:
(1) Distributor rank
(2) Consultant rank
(3) Regional Consultant rank
(4) Senior Consultant rank
(5) Executive Consultant rank.

Each rank has a certain Personal Volume (PV) amount to meet and when achieved, the more cash rewards one earns. See the Gatosk Compensation Plan (GCP), available online, for details.

I am building a team for this company and I think would be a good opportunity to make money without invest as soon as they launch the PTC platform who will be in a week or two. This is a good time for join and start build your team because remember in the future you will not only make money from the PTC but from all the compensation plan if you choose to and you can start without any investment and with around 1 hour a day to build your business.

Sign up at the link below and invite your friends before they invite you!